A Trucker’s Wife

A trucker’s wife or spouse should be a person with an independent type mindset. Since she will be head of household for the most part. She will have to be a strong woman with organizational skill and the ability to handle stress, manage time, manage money, keep a positive attitude and then be strong enough to not let it have a negative impact on her ability to parent the children if there are any.

So you see this would not describe all women. You can not come home when problems arise. She will have to handle them. Even in most emergencies (what we might consider emergencies) you can’t park the truck and jump on the airplane to fly from across the country.

That’s not all. If you think about it. How do most people think about truckers?

Often what the general public thinks about truckers is more negative than good. They think that we have women all over the country and that we are bad attitude renegades who live for our own happiness.

This image we have adds to the complexities of maintaining a strong relationship.

A trucker’s wife must be self confident, and mentally stable to the extent that her thoughts of you are not influenced by others. There will be times that she can’t reach you. There will be times that you can’t make it home like originally planned.
You can’t keep a truck from breaking down where they can’t get the part for 2 days.

Does she have a lot of girlfriends who are a negative and already creating problems in your relationship? If so, you are likely not to be a good candidate for a career in trucking.

These are the realities of a career change into the world of trucking. This is a brief cover of the information to help you decide if you are the right person to pursue a career change truck driver.

I will be posting other information here as time permits.

For now I need to jump in the drivers seat so that I make an on time delivery