Career Training at Community Colleges In Your Town Part 1

I have been unemployed now for a couple of weeks since my company went under. It is very encouraging for me to see so many opportunities in my small-medium sized city of Greensboro NC to have so much to offer at the Community College for our citizens.

I am not sure that people understand the opportunities that are awaiting their investigation. If you are out of work, please don’t assume that school is above your head. Don’t assume that unless you go to a four-year school taking impressive math or programming classes that you can’t get good training in 2 years or less and still earn a substantial salary with benefits.

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People complain about how technology is taking away jobs. “It’s putting people out of work, replacing them with computers and robots”. Look, the reality is that naturally, as society evolves and grows the technology will improve and the default of that means it will be applied where possible if a business is smart in running their operation.

That being the case, it pointless to cry about the results of that reality when that energy could be investing in paying attention or researching where technology is taking us.

Technology is a double-edged sword just like guns. You may not be able to own it in the same way as a gun, but you can use it as a tool to your advantage like a gun. It doesn’t have to destroy.

Opportunities exist because of technology that requires what I see as the light investment when I look at comparing it to a four year time and money investment of the more traditional type degree programs. In two years you can be certified to do Computer Security for the criminal justice system or large companies. It is also safe to assume that network security, website security, information security etc.. will be an issue for all types of companies as times goes on with more users online. As an example is Linkedin-  social media tool that is still very new for many job seekers and social media users. The profile writing is one of the most common concerns of the LinkedIn user. It provides its users with significant benefits that can be utilized to improve your online resume and workforce presence. While it is a great tool to connect with other professionals and learn more about your industry, many users still have questions about how to create a Linkedin profile and set up a resume in Linkedin. We offer LinkedIn profile optimization services to make your social account more professional.
I want to keep the post short so if you interested in this article, please, continue reading in my next post! See you there!