Grants from Private Organizations

Many of the non-profit organizations provide grants for Native American to continue their education without any disturbance. You can apply directly to such organization that provides grant money for you. The list is too big to mention it here, but we have few here that will help you know more of such grants.

The so-called, “Daughters of American revolution” is ones that offer several types of financial aids to that in need.

This is provided to both the male and the female category. You can request information from the organization in writing, by enclosing a self-addressed envelope.

Here we have two such programs that the DAR offers to its students:

  1. The American Indian Scholarship program: This is given in regardless of the age, state and tribe. It is available for all the residents willing to learn in a technical college or school. Both graduate and undergraduate students are given grants based on their academic and financial records. This is a thousand dollar grant given just once. Students applying for this grant should have a grade point average of 2.75. Also, the most important is they have to submit a proof of the American Indian blood.
  2. Frances Crawford Marvin Scholarship for American Indian: This is designed for all students getting enrolled in two to four years programs. Here the grade point average has to be 3. The other rules are the same as the above grant. The amount offered totally depends on the endowment returns that are provided.
  3. Allogan Slagle Scholarship: This grant is basically offered by the Association of American Indian affairs. This is specifically for students who are not a member of the federally recognized group.
  4. The Graduate center of American Indian organization has tied up with other private organizations to help
  5. students to graduate in a course. They also have some grants to help the under-graduate students.
  6. The science and engineering society have numerous grants to provide opportunities for the Native American students. This grant is awarded to those pursuing their study in mathematics, science, and engineering or computer science. The awards normally range from $1000 to $4000.
  7. Grants by American Anthropological society: They also offer funds to support the same cause.
  8. American Chemical society has come up with several grants to help the financial stressed Native American students. He students should be pursuing undergraduate degree in chemistry.

There are special grants available for the Native American tribes. The price of the grant varies with each grant program. The grant money varies with the funds available with the association providing the grant. The grant price might start from $100 to $3500. It totally depends on the student’s degree. You can look-up for the list on the internet. I should say it is a big list.

You can get your application from the students help websites. Apply for the grant you want to qualify. Keep applying until one award you. Every student will have something for him or her. Missing out on this opportunity can cause your life. Hence, start searching for the right grant program starting from today. Never miss out on your college; it can be a turning point of your life!